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How To Make Money on Audible : Make $2,000 Narrating Audiobooks

How To Make Money on Audible

i will tell you how to make money on audible If you’re just getting started, plan to charge between $20 and $200 per finished hour (PFH); more seasoned narrators get paid between $200 and $450 per finished hour.

What is Audible on Amazon?

With a collection of more than 200,000 titles, Audible is the largest producer of audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment in the world. It provides a huge collection of podcasts, audiobooks, and member-only content. Since the company’s founding in 1997. Now, there are now more over 300 million active monthly users.

So how do you profit from Audible ? ( How To Make Money on Audible)  With such a large base of regular consumers, Audible presents a special opportunity for income generation. You can accomplish this by referring people, sharing your affiliate link, or by producing and sharing your own audio content.

Continue reading to find out how you can utilise Audible as a goldmine to earn some extra cash while lounging at home on your computer or phone. You will also discover how DoNotPay is a practical and simple way to earn money online.

With so many options for making money, you can definitely discover one that piques your interest and allows you to work part-time or on the weekends to supplement your income.

Can you actually use Amazon Audible to make money online? In this article, we will explain in detail: The Audible business model,  and ( How To Make Money on Audible), How Much Money Do Audible Narrators Make, How Does Audible Pay You, and some commonly asked questions by members are all covered in this fantastic blog post on how to make money on Audible in 2022.

What is the Audible business model?

The Audible business model is simple. They sell audiobooks and other content on their website and mobile app. Additionally, they have a deal with Amazon that enables them to sell their content on the Kindle store.

Because they have such a generous affiliate scheme, Audible is attractive. Simply said, you will get paid a commission if you refer someone to Audible and they join up for a free trial or buy a membership.

How to make money on audible 2022

There are several options.

  • You can create and sell your own audiobooks on Audible.
  • You can use your website or blog to promote Audible’s free trial offer.
  • You can use your website or blog to promote Audible’s membership program.
  • You can use your website or blog to promote Audible’s audiobooks.

In this blog article, I’ll explain each of these strategies in detail and demonstrate ( How To Make Money on Audible) and how they may all be highly successful.

1. You can create and sell your own audiobooks on Audible

Writing and selling your own audiobooks on Audible’s platform is the best method to start earning money with them.

It’s actually fairly easy to create an audiobook if you’ve never done it before.

Your book must first be recorded. With a microphone and a recording app like Audacity, this is doable (which is free).

Your book must be turned into an MP3 file after it has been recorded. This is also fairly easy.

Finally, you need to send Audible your book. They even offer formatting help if needed and have a highly user-friendly interface.

Once your book is made accessible on Audible, people can start buying and listening to it. Additionally, each time someone buys your book, you receive a commission.

This approach has the benefit of being comparatively passive. Once your book has been created and uploaded, you are not required to take any further action. Sales will develop naturally.

Additionally, Audible has a sizable client base, which means that many people will probably see your book.

2. Audible’s Free Trial Offer Promotion

Promote Audible’s free trial offer on your website or blog as the second strategy.

If someone signs up for the free 30-day trial offered by Audible through your affiliate link, you will be compensated.

The simplicity with which this strategy may be promoted is a major asset. Just create a blog post outlining Audible’s functionality and how readers can gain from it.

Additionally, you may record a video review of Audible and post it on YouTube.

3. Audible Membership Program Promotion

Promote Audible’s membership programme on your website or blog as a third strategy.

Users of Audible’s monthly membership programme have access to a predetermined number of audiobooks each month. If someone signs up for the membership through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

This strategy is comparable to offering a free trial, but it may be more successful because consumers who sign up for a membership are more likely to use Audible again.

4. Audible Audiobooks Promotion

Promote Audible audiobooks on your website or blog as a fourth strategy.

How to Become an Audible Partner

Joining Audible as a partner is among the simplest ways to earn money there. You may make money on Audible by simply including the affiliate link for the products or services you are actively promoting.

on how to ( How To Make Money on Audible)You can easily earn money that will be paid to you via check or direct bank deposit by clicking on this link, which will take you to the website where you can purchase the products or services you’re recommending. To register, simply adhere to the procedures below:

  • Become an Audible affiliate by clicking this link: click
  • Encourage as many people to sign up as possible by publicizing your free trial on social media and your website.
  • Your listeners will receive a free audiobook if they sign up during your 30-day free trial period.
  • You’ll get $15 for the free trial every time someone signs up for Audible through your affiliate link.
  • If your balance reaches $30 or more, you will be paid once a month by check or direct deposit.

How Much Money Do Audible Narrators Make?

Based on how long the audiobook is, Audible pays the narrators, starting salary from $150 per completed hour, plus additional payments for royalties and production costs. The price of a finished audiobook can range from $500 to $20,000.

How Does Audible Pay You?

( How To Make Money on Audible) Audible pays a portion of the retail cost of each audiobook customers via the programme as compensation for their membership. The number of audiobooks you bought from Audible in the preceding 12 months will influence how much you earn. More audiobooks that have been purchased by you, will be shown by a higher percentage.

The various tiers and the possible percentages are listed below:

  1. You will earn 10% of the retail price if you have purchased 0-9 audiobooks in the last 12 months.
  2. You will earn 15% of the retail price if you have purchased 10-19 audiobooks in the last 12 months.
  3. You will receive 20% off the retail price if you have purchased 20 or more audiobooks in the last 12 months.

You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payments from audible because PayPal serves as its payment channel. Anytime you want to request a payout, the money will be sent to your PayPal account within seven days.

Sell your audiobook on Audible

If you do the proper actions, you can make money by selling your audiobook on Audible. An audiobook costs more than the equivalent digital version. This is so because digital publishing and audiobooks have different cost-generating characteristics. A typical novel has between 70,000 to 120,000 words, which equates to 10 to 20 hours of narration. The selling price of your audiobook will be significantly impacted by those expenses, which also include post-production time, equipment, and other expenses.

For ACX authors, Audible has different guidelines than the traditional publishing sector. For starters, authors are not permitted to offer their books for free, and Audible determines all prices. ACX authors are unable to provide free books for audiobooks. Additionally, since audiobooks are exclusive, Audible has the final say in how much your audiobook will cost at retail. You will receive 40% of retail sales in exchange, compared to 25% for authors who are not part of ACX.

Promote your audiobook

Try to time this with paid commercials or promotional events to increase sales. Additionally, you can capture supplementary material to use in your marketing campaigns. You probably already have the tools and a possible narrator at your disposal as an author.

In addition to promoting retailer pages, it is a smart idea to promote your new audiobook on social media. On your website, be sure to include a link to your Amazon author page. Posts can also be shared by authors on their social media and newsletter pages. This will generate interest in their brand-new audiobooks. On your website, you should also include affiliate links that visitors can utilise to buy the audiobook.


base on ( How To Make Money on Audible) The company that offers spoken audiobooks and other content is called Audible, a division of Amazon. In fact, as of January 2019, they have more than 31 million live customers.

By signing up as an affiliate and promoting Audible’s products on your website or blog, you can get money from the company. You will receive a commission for each sale you make as an affiliate.

To become an affiliate, just register for the programme on Amazon’s website. When your application is accepted, you’ll receive a special affiliate link to use when promoting Audible items on your website.

You will be compensated when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys something. You will make more money the more sales you make.

If you’re looking to make money from your website or blog, think about marketing Audible items as an affiliate. You can get paid a commission on each sale, making it a fantastic way to generate money.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How To Make Money on Audible ?

Selling Audile’s products and services will allow you to make money. It is possible to buy any good or service, including audiobooks and eBooks. Record your voice for the product or service after you have your own account, then upload it to the Audible platform.

How much money do Audible users make?

Earnings for competent or experienced narrators average $168.25 per hour, or $1,346 for an eight-hour audio book. On the other hand, seasoned non-union narrators might anticipate making between $90 and $250 every finished hour. On the other side, a non-union narrator is more likely to make less than $150 per hour.

Is Audible paying authors?

Unfortunately, this is untrue! Authors are never paid the stated “royalty” rate by Audible. Instead, they base the “royalty” on “Net Sales,” a number that Audible has manipulated to the point where these “Net Sales” changes correspond to a 50% reduction in the suggested retail price.

Is Audible a success?

Audible is still a component of the Amazon ecosystem as of 2021. The business is lucrative overall. The firm still holds a substantial market share despite competition from businesses like, Audiobooks Now, Downpour, and others.


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