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10 High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs In 2022, And Where To Find Them

High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

Are you seeking for High Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs ? Fortunately, if that’s the case, you can!, The industry of digital marketing is home to a large number of well-paying positions. We’ll examine some of your greatest possibilities in this blog post. For the best guidance and pointers on obtaining your ideal position in digital marketing, whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned veteran, keep reading!

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

The advertising of goods and services through digital channels and techniques, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, is known as digital marketing (SEO). Online marketers promote and expand businesses. Understanding digital marketing is beneficial for business owners of all sizes. Digital marketing can be used by businesses to increase their customer base, carry out market research, and promote relationships and brand loyalty. A firm can become more effective and quick than nearly everything else by using internet technologies for connections, sales, and community building, followed by data analysis.

What is A High Ticket Digital Marketing Job?

A high-ticket digital marketing position is any that offers a competitive wage. Jobs in this category can include paid search specialist, social media manager, and digital marketing manager.

Promoting affiliate items with significant payments is referred to as high-ticket affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketers utilise it as a strategy to increase revenues on fewer transactions. Depending on the products you advertise, high-ticket items can bring in a commission of at least $500 each transaction and as much as five figures.

Lower-ticket items are the foundation of conventional affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers use strategies to increase website traffic in order to promote clicks and the sale of these products. The less traffic you have, the less money you make. High ticket affiliate marketing offers greater commissions on fewer purchases, allowing you to concentrate more on sales and less on generating visitors.

High-ticket products can include:

  • Electronic items
  • Jewelry
  • Marketing programs
  • Software
  • Heavy metals

High-priced items can be found through affiliate networks like ShareASale or by contacting a business directly. As opposed to affiliate marketing strategies for novices, these programmes are targeted at affiliates with greater impact in their respective industries.

Trust is the cause. Through Amazon’s affiliate marketing network, influencers with greater credibility can persuade consumers to spend more money on more expensive goods and services, such as a $5,000 watch as opposed to a $30 item.

How Can I Find High Paying Digital Marketing Jobs?

There are many ways to locate lucrative digital marketing positions. Finding them on job boards like Indeed or Linkedin is the first step.

As an alternative, you may get in touch with nearby digital marketing companies and ask about any openings. Last but not least, you may attend regional meetups and events focused on digital marketing; firms frequently post open opportunities at these gatherings.

Consider carres in digital marketing if you have strong persuasive abilities, good communication skills, and an interest in digital platforms. There are more and more well-paying positions for content marketers, digital analysts, email marketers, and SEO/SEM specialists as online sales keep growing.

Careers in Digital Marketing

The great profitability of careers in digital marketing has led to a rise in their popularity. In fields like social media, analysis, search engines, video, blogging, and email, you can become an expert. The best aspect is that work in digital marketing may often be done from home or on a small team, or even in-house.

The following list of potential occupations in digital marketing is accompanied by their typical yearly wages. The pay information is derived from self-reported surveys and the job websites Glassdoor and Indeed.

10 High ticket digital marketing jobs in 2022

 High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

1. Management/Planning of Digital Projects

In the US, a Digital Project Manager’s (DPM) annual income typically falls between $78,750 and $118,000.

Creating the company’s digital marketing vision is a DPM’s responsibility. The initiative is intended to be a multi-channel digital marketing initiative. This function demands sophisticated digital knowledge and skills in order to properly create such a master plan, which will subsequently be put into practise by the marketing team.

The DPM establishes marketing goals, develops a thorough plan, specifies deadlines and milestones, and allots funds. A DPM needs to be skilled at both communication and planning. They must also be very well-prepared and on time.

2. Manager of Content Marketing

According to, the annual salary of a Content Marketing Manager in America ranges between $81,250 and $115,000.

Whether it’s traditional or digital marketing, content is king, it reigns supreme in marketing. It is the best resource a business has for luring people online. The brand receives much-needed visibility as a result. The responsibility of a content marketing manager (CMM) is to produce material for the organization’s digital assets.

In order to provide interesting text for the website, blog entries, social media, and in-app writings, among other things, this position requires great writing and editing skills. Additionally, CMMs are in charge of creating rules for interesting content and defining the copy style in addition to filling out the editorial calendar.

3. Manager of Digital Media

They earn an average of $63,000 to $90,000 per year.

Multi-channel marketing plans must be created by digital media managers. They must exhibit innovative thinking and thought leadership in their media strategy, which must be followed by a quantifiable action plan and outcomes.

They will produce the material that will help the brand communicate with its target market. The message’s objectives are to increase brand recognition, support the business’s favourable reputation, and encourage customers to use the offered goods and services.

To design the business’s marketing plan and hit the targeted sales targets, the digital media manager must work with the e-commerce specialist. The main outputs of a digital media manager are new commercial prospects that are generated through strategic management and optimization.

4. Brand Marketing

In the United States, a Brand Manager earns between $66,000 and $98,000 per year. Those with more than five years of experience earn around $130,000 per year.

Businesses compete continually to win and keep client’s loyalty. The role of brand marketers in the digital marketing industry is to help a company’s brand stay competitive and relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

To provide the business a distinctive character based on its basic beliefs, Brand Marketer combines storytelling and data analytics. This has the potential to persuade customers to keep using the company’s products, especially if brand marketers have been successful in fostering consumer trust and familiarity over time.

In order to convey the organization’s narrative, brand marketers must be creative. To build and stamp the proper image of the company in the minds of customers, one needs a creative and captivating imagination. The image must, of course, be dazzling, but not to the point that it loses its authenticity, integrity, and reliability. The final aim is to convince clients to make a purchase.

5. Expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The average salary for SEO experts is $49,128 per year, according to Payscale

The main duty of an SEO specialist is to make sure that clients find a business’ online material first and rapidly via search engine searches. This is displayed first on search engine results pages (SERPs). Because they offer technical assistance to make promotional content search engine friendly, they are crucial to any 21st-century company preparing its digital marketing campaign.

Nevertheless, there have been some claims that SEO professionals are tricking search engine algorithms. Customers are unable to access real search results, or organic search results, as a result. Since search engines have strict guidelines for indexing websites based on keywords, unethical SEO specialists are pushed to the bottom of SERPs. Search engines achieve this by modifying the algorithms used to index online site pages on a regular basis.

Some firms have given up on SEO, thinking that it is no longer effective because of the ongoing changes to search engine algorithms. Contrarily, SEO is still a very powerful marketing strategy. But now you have to adhere to the guidelines and employ white hat SEO. That includes practises like content promotion, correct website design, guest posting for backlinks, and refraining from spammy website promotion.

6. Channel Development Manager

Annual salary estimates from Glassdoor range from $49,000 to $114,000

These are the people in charge of creating long-term channels for companies to offer their products and services to consumers. This could be done through online direct sales and the development of a connection with value-added resellers.

A Channel Development Executive needs to have strong interpersonal and communication abilities. The success of the digital media manager depends on their ability to establish lasting relationships with several companies and channels.

7. Director of Creative

 High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

Glassdoor provides estimates of salaries that range from $85,000 to $201,000 annually.

It is the responsibility of the creative director to make sure that marketing and advertising content is exciting. They are in charge of making sure that the advertising campaigns’ content is creative. A team player who can swiftly and readily win the respect and trust of others is needed for this position. Given that they work together with different firm professionals to develop original concepts

The graphic designer, web developer, copywriters, and sales and marketing teams will all need to buy into the idea, to make certain that the advertising material produced for the business has the appropriate flare to draw the intended audience’s attention. They must also guarantee that the brand is consistently portrayed by all divisions of the company.

8. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialists

According to Payscale, PPC experts earn an average salary of $39,839.

One of the busiest activities in the field of digital marketing is PPC. The majority of firms must pay for premium visibility on the most well-liked digital platforms, despite their best attempts to develop organically. The need for a PPC expert’s services has never been greater than it is right now.

To move a business’s ad content to the top of paid search results, they create compelling ad campaigns. It is a challenging endeavour that involves more than just producing visual content for internet banners. PPC experts need to be knowledgeable about Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Next, develop paid marketing programmes with measurable results.

A number of platforms, such as social media, mobile websites, desktop websites, in-app displays, and video games, all display the banners (both mobile and desktop). The PPC specialist needs to take into account the varied display sizes of the devices that customers will use, among other things.

9. Manager of Social Media (SMM)

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for SMM is $49,881.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people use social media because it provides a straightforward platform for sharing daily events and engaging with family and friends. Social media has developed into a highly potent platform for business, politics, surveillance, and, among other things, consumer behaviour research.

Social networking is a priceless marketing tool for businesses. All of those daily users of social media can be turned into consumers with the correct marketing strategy. The SMM enters the picture here.

SMM’s job is to identify which social media platforms attract the most users and what ad content may be delivered to them to convert those users into paying customers. You must divide web users into demographic groups depending on the product so that you may show them relevant adverts.

But this is just the very tip of the iceberg. Additionally, you need to know when it’s suitable to publish content online and how to reply to user queries and comments. You need to be skilled at copywriting, colour psychology, and visual marketing in order to curate multimedia material for social media.

10. Email Marketing

According to Payscale, the average salary for email marketers is $53,209.

One of the first types of digital marketing was email marketing, and some people might think that its effectiveness has decreased over time, this is not correct, rather it has seen better days.

However, you may quickly boost sales for your business if you have a sizable list of email subscribers and know how to use that list, especially in comparison to other digital marketing strategies.

Email marketing is different from simply sitting down at your computer in the morning and typing up a few emails to send to a lot of recipients with the subject line “CC or BCC.” Your emails will undoubtedly end up in the spam bin if you do that. It resembles the middle of the procedure more.

The first step is producing material that viewers or readers will be interested in. You may do this by offering your consumers access to whitepapers and e-books in exchange for their contact information. Then you continue to offer them stuff via email that is as engaging as the e-books or whitepapers.

0. Data Analytics

Data Analysts earn between $88,000 and $134,000 per year, according to Their job is similar to that of an Information Architect, who earns between $113,000 and $152,000.

Modern tools like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) have made it possible to gather a lot of information about customer behaviour. data that, when correctly examined, can offer insightful commercial information And that is precisely what data analysts do—they sift through masses of data, analyse it, find patterns, and make informed predictions.

Every company in every industry needs analysts that can offer economic insights on “Big Data.” Without careful analysis and the extraction of analytical business intelligence, the data is meaningless.

How to Get a High-Paying Digital Marketing Job?

 High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

High Paying Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

It’s time to understand how to get one! now that you’ve learnt about some of the greatest high paying jobs in digital marketing. The first step is making sure your resume is up to date and relevant to the position you’re applying for is the first step.

Second, you should review your interview techniques and practise responding to typical interview questions.

Then, ask if anyone in your network of contacts can put you in touch with a hiring manager or other key decision-maker at the business you’re interested in.


And finally, there are a tonne of lucrative employment in digital marketing. You can look for these positions online job sites or by getting in touch with nearby digital marketing companies.

When you’ve found a few positions that interest you, prepare for your interviews and ask around to see if anyone can put you in touch with a hiring manager.

If you use the advice above, you should have no trouble getting your ideal career in digital marketing!


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