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The 20 Best Android and IOS Apps that will Pay you to Exercise ($15/Workout)

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise


with Apps that will Pay you to Exercise, There are two types of individuals in the world: those who exercise for health reasons and those who exercise for financial gain (make money).

Everyone aspires to maintain good health. Our physical fitness is immediately impacted by the abundance of unhealthy and greasy food, bad habits, and a lack of free time in today’s society. People have started to walk much less, engage in physical activity, and even play sports over the last few decades.

How can you maintain your shape in such a circumstance? How can you spur yourself on to get paid, for your work might be your driving force!. Could you picture earning actual money for something as basic as a squat, a yoga session, or a morning run? Like it’s your job and you’re actually getting paid for it? If your response is “no,” we are prepared to shock you and tell you that such applications do exist.

You may start making financial plans now because we’ve already chosen 20 of the top apps that will pay you for engaging in physical exercise.

I’ve been using passive income applications to supplement my income every month for a while, and I think it’s always beneficial to add new sources of cash to your life.

You can only imagine how happy I was when I started looking at the top fitness-related apps that get you remunerated for exercising. What could be better than being compensated for walking or exercising?

If you want to earn free gift cards, fantastic prizes, and maintain your fitness, this is one of the easiest side jobs I’ve encountered.

The 20 best apps that pay you to exercise

Charity Miles

Anyone wishing to convert their regular activities into charitable donations can use the Charity Miles app. Regardless of whether you’re out for a leisurely jog or discovering a new hiking trail, Charity Miles can help you make a difference.

As of the time of writing, they had logged more than 100,000,000 miles and raised over $2 million for more than 50 different charities.

Start the app, choose a charity, and then start logging your kilometres. You make money and support a good cause for each mile you logged in.

Any form of physical activity, including riding, dancing, jogging, and walking, can earn you money.

2. Runkeeper

There is no excuse not to use your smartphone while running if you have one. Runkeeper is an app accessible for both iOS and Android phones.

Runkeeper not only keeps track of your progress but also provides you with in-the-moment auditory cues to let you know whether you need to pick up the pace. Additionally, it deconstructs data by showing graphs and charts of your entire performance.

What’s best? Runkeeper offers a rewards programme through which you can make money. You can exchange your points for gift cards or cash for every mile you log (via PayPal).

This app is fantastic for both new and seasoned runners because it tracks all sort of information, from the number of calories you burn to how quickly you complete a mile on average. Additionally, unlike other running applications, this one automatically syncs while in Bluetooth range, so you don’t need to keep your phone with you when exercising. Cost: Free with the option of paying a monthly fee of $6 for ad removal and $4 for training plans. Download the Android or iOS version. One of the apps that rewards you for exercising is this one.

3. Fitocracy

For performing fitness-related tasks, users of the social network and app Fitocracy receive points and badges. Uploading a completed workout or taking part in challenges with friends are both easy ways to earn points.

The points can be exchanged for gifts like gift cards or sporting equipment. And if you don’t yet have any Fitocracy friends, there are lots of people who can assist you in obtaining your first badge. (Fitocracy) Walgreens Balance Rewards are the best option if you want to get some cash back while maintaining your fitness level. By entering Walgreens shops and making purchases of Balance Rewards products including food, vitamins, and cosmetics, members accrue points.

They then convert those points into cash by receiving monthly cheques in their homes. Members can give their reward money to a good cause as well. (Balance Rewards at Walgreens) Gympact: Want $5? Just finish 10 sit-ups by noon!

4. Evidation (formerly Achievement)

People can track their progress and maintain their health with the aid of the health app Evidation Health. This app’s amazing feature is that it rewards you for exercising.

You can enhance your regular health behaviors or take part in medical research thanks to evidence.

With an intuitive interface and effective tracking tools, you can keep an expert eye on your health.

This app is one of the Top 10 Best Health Tracking Apps on the App Store and Google Play, and it works with a community of businesses and experts committed to bettering people’s health.

As of the time of writing, Evidation had over 4 million users, and in 2021, 1 trillion steps were tracked.

To start earning points for daily activities like walking, practising meditation, documenting meals, and other activities, you can connect 20+ popular health apps.

You will receive $10 by Paypal or direct transfer into your bank account for every 10,000 points you acquire.

5. Healthywage

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise

People with weight issues have an easy way to seek assistance thanks to Healthy Wage. Users only need to join up and pledge to lose 10% of their body weight in no more than five months. If they succeed, they can receive a cash bonus of up to $1,250.

Additionally, Healthy Wage keeps its members on track with regular fitness tracking, member-to-member encouragement, and live chat support from an in-house dietician.

When people lose weight, the company keeps 30% of the money they save. If they don’t lose enough weight, Healthy Wage isn’t paid. Members have two payment options: one in which they receive a single payment after reaching their goal, and the other in which they receive payments over time as long as they continue to do so.

6. Clue

This period tracking app is a potent tool for data gathering and inspiration. Your daily period can be tracked, and you can get paid to exercise. Simply download Clue and log in at least once per day during each of your periods.

You earn more money the more days you log in. Clue offers $1 in PayPal or Venmo payments for each week that is tracked. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to download now if you’re trying to save up for anything special (or just want some additional money)!

You don’t even need to manually keep track of your cycle anymore thanks to their new integration with Apple HealthKit; the app takes care of everything. Download: $0.99 on Android; free on iOS

How about running if walking isn’t really your thing? A pedometer tracks your daily step total and rewards you when you reach predetermined milestones. One of the apps that rewards you for exercising is this one.

BestFit functions similarly to an activity tracker but doesn’t need to be charged because it calculates distance walked using your smartphone’s GPS tracking technology rather than its batteries. Along with practical information like calorie burn and other health numbers, it also provides a wealth of motivational alternatives.

7. Runtastic

There are other activities you can do if running isn’t your thing. Yoga and martial arts are among the more than 30 exercise genres that Runtastic keeps track of.

You may use it to make money on platforms like Sweatcoin, which pays users up to $150 each month in gift cards or PayPal cash in exchange for exercising. Download the Runtastic app, then link your social media accounts to it to get started.

Then, to get points, run for at least 10 minutes each day (or 50 minutes each week). These points can be exchanged for Paypal cash or equipment discounts. Even while it may not seem like much, every little bit helps when achieving a goal. One of the applications that will pay you to exercise is this one.

8. Stepbet

A fitness app called Stepbet gives you points for working out. You can play weekly health-related activities to help you reach your own step goals, which will motivate you to walk and exercise.

On the Google Play Store and the App Store, Stepbet has received ratings of 4.8 and 4.6, respectively. They have more than a million players, more than 198 billion steps have been taken, and $104 million in player payouts.

The application is totally free. You must first wager into the game’s pot in order to join. The pot was divided between the game’s winners.

Depending on the game, different amounts are wagered. The average bet is $40. Stepbet does not offer free games since they think that the prospect of losing money is a strong incentive.

The length of the games varies based on the game, but they often last six weeks. So, regardless of the minimum wager, if you’re focused on winning, working out will make up for it by compensation.

9. Strava

For athletes, runners, and cyclists, Strava is a social network that uses GPS technology. It tracks everything from bike rides to errand runs around town and is accessible on iPhone, Android, and desktop.

Although it is entirely free to use, premium memberships are also offered. Strava could be a terrific method to track your progress if you’re just starting out with cycling or running, as well. Get ready to make some additional money in the process.

Users of the programme may keep track of their workouts, share them with friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even compete against one another in virtual races.

There are more than 40 million users who have enrolled from practically every nation in the world, therefore there is a lot of room for growth!

You can register as an athlete and begin monitoring your activity right now. Once you’ve logged at least five actions, you can upgrade to premium membership for $5 a month (or $59 a year) by creating an account. You have access to extra features like performance analytics, training plans, and more with a premium membership. And if all goes well, Strava might even offer you cash!

10. MapmyFitness

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise

An Under Armour mobile app called MapMyFitness is used to keep track of workouts, errands, and other activities. With the help of this app, you can make customized workout schedules and coaching suggestions to keep you on track.

Players can win unique Under Armor items in the app’s annual challenge known as You vs The Year.

The 1022 KM goal includes both indoor and outdoor runs and walks.

There is a daily limit of two workouts (150 miles) for the challenge. Residents of the United States are the only ones who can use this.

Two randomly chosen competitors who finish the required kilometre each month will each get a $100 Under Armor gift card, while the remaining six will each receive a $50 gift card.

11. Apple HealthKit/Google Fit

For achieving specific health goals, HealthKit and Google Fit offer prizes like gift cards or discounts. When you reach your goal of losing 15 pounds, for instance, a vendor may offer you $25 off, Or if you work out every day, a corporation might pay you an extra $1 for each workout. These tools can be used to track the evolution of your daily exercise levels. It’s safe to say that your new behaviors are effective if they gradually increase. One of the applications that will pay you to exercise is this one.

12. Sworkit

Sworkit is a FREE app available for iOS and Android. No matter how fit you are or how much exercise experience you have, it’s incredibly simple to use. Simply choose your activity and level of difficulty, begin cycling, and prepare for a very effective exercise. Later, your body will appreciate it!

Additionally, they award you with points that may be exchanged for real money when you finish an exercise session. Additionally, you can follow along at home by watching videos of their coaches performing workouts.

To save yourself time each time you want to work out, you may even make playlists of your favourite exercises. This programme is excellent for novices because it clearly explains each move so there are no unpleasant shocks. If you desire more motivation in your life (and perhaps some additional money too! ), it’s definitely worth looking into.

13. Minute Workout

An excellent workout routine may be found on the 7-Minute Workout app. The purpose of 7-Minute Workout is to provide users with brief yet intensive workouts so they may begin losing weight as soon as possible. One of the applications that will pay you to exercise is this one.

Numerous other workouts, including stretches, pushups, sit-ups, and squats, are available in this app. There are three difficulty levels in total: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Before going on to the intermediate or expert level, users are urged to start at the novice level and stick with it until they are sufficiently at ease with their routine.

14. Freeletics

Fitbit, Nike+, and other fitness trackers are well known, but how about allowing those businesses to support your workouts? Users of the training app Freeletics can create their own workout schedules. Contrary to other programmes, Freeletics will really pay you $20 per month only for utilising their software rather than charging you for their services. One of the applications that will pay you to exercise is this one.

You may download it for free, and after you do, they’ll assist you in setting up your profile with the necessary details, such your age, height, weight, gender, etc. The rest is entirely up to you! You can select from a variety of exercises (ask yourself whether you prefer lunges or squats) and establish goals based on the number of reps or sets you wish to complete throughout each session.

15. myWalgreens

For every week you complete of the four-week health challenge offered by myWalgreens, you’ll receive incentives in the form of Walgreens Cash. On this app, you can get paid to exercise.

On Monday, the challenges start, and they endure for seven days. You must be a myWalgreens member to participate, and membership is free.

You may earn up to $1 in Walgreens Cash each month by simply connecting your device to the app to keep track of your progress.

When you finish all of the challenges, you’ll get a bonus spin with a potential value of $2.

You can take part in two challenges at once (physical activity and lifestyle change).

16. Lympo

For those who want to work out and make money at the same time, there is an app called Lympo.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned runner, Lympo will help you keep track of your progress and earn incentives.

In addition to offering fantastic incentives to be active, Lympo is a great way to meet other health-conscious individuals.

You receive LYM coins from Lympo for finishing daily chores. You can trade the coins within the app for promotional codes and other deals from their affiliates.

The apps often add new challenges, and you can get paid for accomplishing them.

Lympo challenges range from little walking assignments (1 mile) to longer running projects (5 KM+), and you are rewarded right away for completing them.

You can earn money by completing surveys and regular health duties.

17. LifeCoin

A reward app called LifeCoin pays you for walking. Your steps can be converted into Lifecoins.

Your coins can be traded in for items such as a $100 Paypal gift card, Apple devices, iTunes gift cards, DJI Spark drones, gift cards to Lululemon, and more.

You receive LifeCoins for each verified step, and the more steps you complete, the more Life Coins you receive.

18. Runtopia

You can track your exercises whether they are indoor or outside with the Runtopia app. Your run is carefully tracked, and real-time audio coaching is given. Your data is analyzed by the app at every level, starting with the basics.

An app called Sports Coin offers prizes for exercising (SPC). SPC functions as a virtual coin system in the Runtopia App.

You receive rewards for keeping track of your daily steps, motivating others, and working out. Through PayPal, Sports Coin can be exchanged for benefits, savings, app purchases, and cash.

19. FitForBucks

An app called Fit For Bucks connects you with nearby companies that offer fantastic rewards for merely being active.

If you want to get paid to exercise, Fit For Bucks is the best approach to maximise your fitness regimen.

Running, walking, dancing, hiking, going to the gym, or running can all earn you rewards. Your regular activities are rewarded!

Your partners may offer you complimentary pastries, organic coffee, exercise classes, massages, haircuts, and other perks.

You do not have to be an athlete to obtain rewards in this app; you may perform any movement and receive a reward.

20. DietBet

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise

Apps that will Pay you to Exercise

With the help of the fitness betting software DietBet, you may compete with other users to shed pounds while making money.

At the time of writing, they have 900,000 participants and 17 million pounds have been lost!

Additionally, DietBet paid out winnings totaling $62 million to everyone who participated and won.

You can take part in a number of games on this website. The amount staked, the number of participants competing, and the amount pledged are all visible.

This enables you to pick the game you want to play based on your tastes and reasons for wanting to exercise.

The games are not offered without charge. According to their website, DietBet aims to be the most efficient weight-loss aid available.

As a result, they offer a wide selection of weight reduction games to accommodate different player budgets.

The size of the pot and the number of winners decide how much money is won.

Winnings are shown as points, and you can request a cash out via PayPal if you don’t want to play any further games after you win.


Numerous of the platforms previously mentioned offer numerous ways to make money while exercising, biking, jogging, and other activities you enjoy.

If you want to make getting in shape more fun or if you need an added motivation to remain with your present routine, think about getting paid to exercise.

It can be exactly what you need to get started with or stay inspired in your fitness adventure.

The best method to reach your fitness objectives may be to earn money while working out.


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