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5 billion sales review is 5 billion sales review is it legit or scam?

is 5 billion sales review is it legit or scam?

is 5 billion sales review is it legit or scam?

Are you hoping to make money by merely visiting websites or clicking on links? Online, there are many Ponzi schemes that promise to pay out a sizable sum of money. The majority of websites, on the other hand, are taken down after six months and defraud users by charging them for upgrades and memberships.

Have you heard of, which promises high payouts in India, Ghana, and Nigeria? Do you want to know if 5BILLIONSALE is authentic?

On May 25, 2021, the high-risk nation of Iceland launched the website. It has been around for two months and eight days. The website was most recently updated on November 23, 2021. The domain name expires on May 25, 2023, in nine months and twenty-two weeks.

5 billion sales review is 5 billion sales review is it legit or scam?,  After one year of operation, it received the pitiful trust rating of 1. Additionally, received a pitiful 8.8% Business Ranking. This website has an average suspicion score of 30, a profile phishing score of 13%, a malware score of 8%, a spam and threat profile score of 18.9%, and a score for malware of 8%.

Features deciding is 5BILLIONSALES Legit: uses a secure protocol like HTTPS. For the next 112 days, SSL certification is active on its IP address, Services are provided by via a single server situated in the USA.

The owner’s identity and contact information are concealed using censorship tools made available by Privacy EHF. All nations are covered by the services provided by On, you can find information about the site’s privacy policies, terms of service, FAQs, customer service email and phone numbers, and more.

Among the many payment methods offered by are cryptocurrency, PayPal, bank transfers, western union, etc. Numerous unfavorable reviews of 5BILLIONSALEs were found on user-generated websites, blogs, and YouTube. A few users of claimed that if they answered the question “Is 5BILLIONSALES legitimate?,” they could make $400 per month. Members of are paid for automatically sharing the information they gather while browsing the internet. But the referral program, which pays users $5+ for each referral, is the main source of income.


To be eligible for earning more, a user must advance through 16 levels based on referral pools, or nine levels overall, before becoming a leader. A $100 initiation fee is due at the end of one year. The cost of level upgrades and annual subscriptions will be significantly higher for customers who do not have many referrals. As a result, maybe a Ponzi MLM/referral earner program, but for now it is not a scam

Is Gp686 anti a right score for betting platform a Scam or a Legit Platform?

Is the Gp686 anti-a right score for betting platform a Scam or Legit? Before you register, please read this.

Are you looking for a review of gp686 anti-correct score? Is a legit betting site or a scam? Is it genuinely useful in terms of assisting you in making money?

If you like to make a lot of money by betting online, you’ve probably come across gp686 anti-correct score websites that tell you who will win. There are a number of online betting companies out there, but only a handful of them  use innovative betting strategies to boost their chances of winning.

The betting platform is now gaining a lot of interest in the betting industry, especially in Nigeria.

I’ve come across a number of online scam sites. Scammers often share characteristics, such as claiming to be able to help you make quick money with no prior knowledge or investment. That’s why it’s so enticing.

Nobody, however, except the one who sells the programme at the end of the day, makes money.

That’s why, on this particular day, I’ve been conducting a lot of research and creating a review article about HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE LEGALLY.

I’ve spent the last week learning everything there is to know about the gp686 anti-correct score betting platform and can tell you everything you need to know.

These gp686 reviews will tell you everything you need to know about these anti-correct scores so you can make an informed decision about whether they are worth your money (or, more importantly, your time).

As a note, I am not an affiliate with the gp686 gp686 anti correct scores betting site, thus my thoughts are entirely accurate and based on my research and other criteria.

Stick with me and read all the way to the end of this post because I’ll tell you about a far superior option that allows me to quit my work and earn a six-figure monthly income.

So, let’s get started…

Review of the Gp686 anti-correct-score betting platform

Is the Gp686 anti-correct-score betting platform a scam or not?

As you can see, the Gp686 betting platform was launched on January 8, 2022, which is 8 months ago at the time of writing this review.

The server for the website is located in Tianjin, China.

How can I learn more about Gp686 and how it functions?

Gp686 betting platform is a website, app, or other platform that sports bettors use to participate in sports betting. It is available via the Internet, mobile, wireless, or other comparable communications technology.

How does the Gp686 betting platform work?

  • The first step is to create an account and fund your betting wallet.
  • Step 2: The Gp686 System will propose which sporting events to bet on and which to avoid. As a result, you will be able to accurately anticipate sports results and games.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve logged into the app, you’ll be able to check the event, and from there, you’ll be able to see a list of all the possible matches.
  • Step 4: Select a game and a bet amount before making a prediction.
  • Step 5: Watch for the results.

Chance and luck are the polar opposites of the Gp686. This method employs the employment of betting robots. The method makes use of mathematics, statistics, and pattern recognition to find patterns.

When putting a gut bet, you’re prone to relying on the last ten head-to-head results.

Who owns the betting platform

Even though the complete owner of this platform has not been revealed, even on their website, a background check suggests that it is owned by a Chinese individual or group.

Pros and Cons of

The Benefits

  • Members who register on time will be rewarded.
  • Platform for win-win wagering
  • If you can refer people, you can earn money.

The Drawbacks

  • It’s a betting site that masquerades as a pyramid scheme.
  • Lies of Company is a UK-based company.
  • Not the best way to start a long-term online business.
  • The assertion on their YouTube page that the company was founded 5 years ago is a lie.
  • Is the Gp686 Anti Correct Score Betting Platform a Scam or a Legit Site?
  • I can’t classify it as a scam because everyone has their own definition of what constitutes a fraud.
  • Some people believe that a business is genuine if it makes money.

Regardless of whether or whether the company follows all necessary rules and regulations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme; as long as the participants are paid, it’s a valid business., on the other hand, is a scam if a scam is defined more broadly, such as failing to obey the rules and regulations, because it is just a betting pyramid structure with no benefit to its consumers. is not a secure site for the following reasons:

  • is a hoax since it claims to have been in business for more than 5 years, yet it has only been in business for 8 months as of the time of writing this article.
  • is a fraud since it claims to be based in the United Kingdom but is actually in China.No identity revealed about the owner of the platform
  • is a phoney website. Any business or programme that makes money by focusing on recruiting rather than selling a product or service is is regarded as being unsafe in our environment.
  • is a hoax because the platform’s owner’s identity has not been exposed. Any company or programme that makes money by focusing on recruiting rather than selling a product or service is unlawful, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

List of scamming betting site

Typical Scams in Sports Betting and Investing

Sport Prediction Software-Based Scams

Betting has evolved from a simple game of chance to a sophisticated con game. Similar to the stock market, where traders constantly skim large amounts of data to forecast which way numbers will move, gamblers have developed to seek tried and reliable methods to place bets. The most up-to-date “betting predictive software” or “sports prediction software” applications, which are closely linked to data mining, are among the tools of the trade.

The con artist will try to sell you software that purports to be able to predict sporting events with reasonable accuracy, usually in team sports or horse racing. As a result of using the software, they will offer significant earnings or returns.

The theory is that team sports betting algorithms can spot opportunities based on prior trends and the various odds provided by various bookies. Horse racing software frequently makes assertions about the weather, the horse’s status, the draw, and the jockey’s health. They could even claim to be able to track the amount of money wagered on a race by professional bettors.

The material used in these programmes is frequently available for free in your local newspaper’s betting section. Despite the fact that these “tested and true” resources can surely pose as such and offer attractive claims, threat actors can utilise phishing, fraud, and impersonation methods here as well.

The claims made by predictive software are a perfect entrance point for cyber hackers looking to commit betting fraud. These technologies claim to be able to predict the outcome of a game based on historical trends and expert opinions, and more are on the way, with the promise of using Artificial Intelligence.

With so many models and projections promising to accurately predict sports and game outcomes, it’s more crucial than ever to “buy-in” cautiously, especially as new ways to recruit betters emerge daily. Those who believe this explanation may never get access to the recommended programme, leaving them vulnerable to virus downloads.

Scamming in Sportsbooks

A “sportsbook” is a person or company that accepts bets on anything that can be bet on, from sports to politics, and is virtually free to operate as it sees fit. Some people enjoy these platforms, while others find them to be too busy. These sportsbooks will have you exactly where they want you once they’ve received your buy-in and money. The lines start to blur when betters are given the ability to get inside winning knowledge from software, systems, or companies.

Most customers are forced to pay hefty purchasing charges for “smart” software or must buy in to participate. A series of victories rarely pays for the initial investment. Excited bettors are easy target in these scenarios; once the money is on the table, you may never hear from the organisation again. The sportsbook-turned-sports betting scam is a simple way for criminals to convince you to place bets, pay to play or use software in exchange for nothing.

Websites that Scam

On the internet, there are a plethora of phoney sports betting sites. They may appear enticing at first, and you may be able to cash out and collect your bonus, but when you choose to place more bets with more money, you will be unable to withdraw a single penny.

Scammers come up with a number of excuses to keep your money. For example, money processing delays, technical difficulties, and false claims that your initial deposit was not received… Alternatively, they may need you to make additional investments before you can withdraw any of your winnings! No matter what you do, you will never be able to withdraw any of your funds from the site!

There’s a chance you’ll lose more than just your money. On the bogus website, your personal information could be used to take your identity!


Scamdicappers posing as professional sports handicappers are ready to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals! There isn’t a single social networking site that isn’t affected, and forums that were once a terrific way to meet others who had similar interests have become major targets for cyber criminals. Cyber criminals connect with unsuspecting users, establishing rapport through direct discussions before requesting funds or bank account information, taking advantage of the natural trust that social media platforms foster amongst users.

Some of the most typical social media betting scams include asking for money, organising betting syndicates, and offering prediction software. The popular money-flipping schemes that exist on social media are similar to investment frauds. They demand an immediate commitment in exchange for a far bigger return than the initial investment.

Most online betting scams need the consumer to submit money by wire transfer or reveal direct account information in order to avoid possible credit card claims once they have been recognised. Individuals may not be the only ones targeted; by posing these frauds as commercial prospects, entire organisations may be targeted.

They promote their services on social media sites like Instagram and Reddit, guaranteeing guaranteed payouts based on “insider information” or “professional analysis and prediction” of game outcomes. They may pressurise you to make a wager immediately soon, citing “limited slots.”

Syndicated Betting

Betting syndicates are another well-known social media scam. Scammers use social media to encourage you to join their professional betting syndicate, much like scamdicappers do.

These con games promise that you will be invited to join a betting pool and that an expert will place your bets on your behalf. You will be asked to pay money up front with recurring instalments over time in exchange for a piece of the profits in these types of scams. In reality, you will never see a return on your investment and will lose the entire amount you invested.

It might be tough to distinguish between individuals with excellent intentions who wish to continue in the field for a long time and the “flashier” scamdicappers who thrive on promising the most and delivering the least when everyone claims to be a sports betting expert or counsellor. The situation is exacerbated by the growth of hacked and impersonated accounts on social media, which serve as the foundation for many sports betting scams.

Scams in Sports Investing

Small company owners, professionals, retirees, and those with money to ‘invest’ are the targets of this hoax. At trade shows, conventions, and on the internet, these schemes are commonly marketed as business opportunities or investments. People can also be contacted via an unsolicited phone call, email, or letter.

To make these frauds appear genuine, the scammer will utilise technical or financial words such as “sports arbitrage,”sports betting,”sports wagering,”sports tipping,’ or ‘sports trading.’ Promotional materials include glossy, sophisticated brochures or websites with graphs or diagrams promising tremendous profits for little or no effort.

The con artist can also claim that their company is registered.

Nigerians are protected from sports betting scams.

For as long as sports betting has been, con artists have attempted to take advantage of legitimate bettors and their funds. Scams have become more common and intricate as a result of the increased use of social media and digital platforms. Be mindful of warning signs before engaging with any betting institution to protect yourself and your business.

Here are a few suggestions:

Never use social media to share sensitive financial or personally identifiable information (PII). Legitimate businesses should never ask you to provide personal information over social media platforms; be wary of any account that does.

An offer that appears to be too good to be true is almost always the case. Instant or guaranteed profits are a red flag, especially in the volatile realm of sports betting, where success is never assured.

Conduct research and exercise caution while dealing with postings and profiles, just as you would with any other online activity.

The Nigerian law enforcement authorities invite anyone with knowledge of illegal sports betting enterprises to come forward and report it if they see fraudulent or harmful behaviour.

In most betting scams, phishing attacks, which have expanded dramatically in recent years, are a common denominator. Whether you are a professional gambler or not, understanding more about these types of assaults can benefit anyone because they provide cyber thieves with a plethora of options. While phishing assaults are not new, their number and complexity have grown to the point where even the most unskilled threat actors may successfully use them.

After You’ve Been Scammed, How Do You Get Your Money Back?

You might be able to get your money back, but it depends on the type of fraud, and whether you get a refund is determined by what happened. You may need to consult with a sports lawyer to examine the likelihood of recovering your funds, which may include contacting your bank for assistance. A lawyer can also help you properly report your situation to the right authorities and, if necessary, take legal action to recover your funds.

In matters involving sport betting money recovery, cybercrime, and cyber security, we have skilled and experienced cyber and sport lawyers who can provide legal support and guidance. Our cyber and sports lawyers represent individuals, businesses, and the government in cybercrime matters, as well as cases regarding e-commerce, e-contracts, and digital signatures, intellectual property rights, cybersecurity, and other topics. They work with stakeholders to protect against today’s sports-related cybercrime while also developing more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.


Why is China bringing this pyramid betting scam to Nigeria is beyond me.

Could it be that they wish to use this platform to collect money owed to Nigerians by the Nigerian government? isn’t the best alternative for making money online with a legitimate company, in my opinion.

However, if the system fails, your entire firm will fail as well, and you will have to start over.

And, in my opinion, this is not the best strategy to develop a long-term profitable online business.

Even MMM, such as this one, has faded with the passage of time., I don’t think, will last long. However, the FTC has shut down similar businesses in the past, so it’s something you shouldn’t neglect.

We can’t overlook a situation like this, especially when we know such businesses existed in the past but no one is talking about them now.

Having said that, I hope you found my Gp686 anti-correct scores betting platform review 2022 helpful.

Please leave your queries in the section below.

Are you a member? Please tell us about your experience, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment on my review if you believe any of the information in this post is erroneous or incomplete.


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