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15 Highest Paying Programming Languages for Freelancing In 2022

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

The hardest aspect of studying programming if you’re new to the field of software development is figuring out where to start. There are hundreds of widely used programming languages, each with its own intricacies and peculiarities, i will teach you tell you Best programming language for freelancing 2022

The good news is that as your career as a software developer progresses, you’ll start to figure out which programming language best suits your personality, interests, and professional objectives.

The top and most in-demand programming languages for several of the most popular use cases, including web development, mobile development, game development, and more, are covered in the list below.

Choosing the best and highest paying programming languages for freelancing can be challenging. Everyone wants to use a language that has a bright future and is in demand. The best 10 programming languages for freelancers will be examined in this blog post. We’ll discuss what makes each language suitable for freelancing as well.

Do you want to know the best programming language for freelance developers?

You’re considering working as a freelance web developer, but which programming language should you learn?

You want to ensure that the language you study will enable you to secure enough freelancing work to support yourself on a full-time basis.

In such scenario, you are where you need to be.

Freelancing has grown to be a more lucrative career choice for web developers all over the world since the COVID pandemic began.

Freelancers have complete control over their schedules because they can work from anywhere, at any time.

You can work on projects you genuinely enjoy when you freelance, too. By doing so, you may make sure that you remain motivated and produce excellent results.

Since 2017, I’ve worked as a full-time independent web developer. I chose to work as a freelancer, and I haven’t turned back since.

I have control over the clients I work with, the creation of tasks I actually enjoy, and the timing of my vacations.

What programming language should you learn to work as a freelance developer, though, if you’re new to programming and web development?

A thorough guide on the best programming languages to learn in 2022 and beyond has been published by me. Check it out now if you haven’t already!

However, things operate a little differently when it comes to freelancing.

I’ll go over the key factors to take into account while choosing the best programming language to learn for freelancing in this article.

By the end of this article, you will be able to focus your search for the best coding language to learn in order to launch a lucrative full-time freelance development career.

Therefore, read on for recommendations on the Best programming languages for freelancing from 2022 to 2025, whether you’re just getting started or looking to switch languages.

What Exactly Is Programming Language?

Programmers write software programmes, scripts, and other collections of instructions in a programming language, which is a type of computer language.

Even though many languages are similar to one another, each has its own syntax. A programmer writes the source code in a text editor or integrated development environment after being familiar with the language’s guidelines, syntax, and structure (IDE).

The coder then frequently compiles the code into computer-understandable machine language. Scripts written in programming languages without a compiler are run by an interpreter.

Types of programming languages

The programming languages listed in the next section can be divided into one or more of the following categories (paradigms).

  • High-level (most common) / low-level
  • Declarative / imperative / procedural
  • General-purpose / domain-specific
  • Object-oriented / concurrent
  • Command / Compiled / Script language
  • Answer set

How to find the best programming languages for freelance work?

When choosing which programming languages to employ when freelancing, there are a few crucial considerations. Think about the following elements:

In high demand: Priority one should be given to making sure that the language you select is in high demand. You will have a lot of job opportunities as a result of this.

Stable future: You should also think about the future of the language. Make sure it won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Your skill level: Naturally, you should choose a language in which you are proficient or at least somewhat experienced.

Now that we know what to look for, let’s examine some of the top programming languages for independent contractors.

10 Best programming languages for freelancing 2022


Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Being a software developer today means you must use JavaScript in some manner. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript has maintained its position as the most popular language among developers for the eighth consecutive year. Nearly 70% of poll participants claimed to have used JavaScript in the year prior.

JavaScript is necessary for front-end web development, just as HTML and CSS. The majority of the most well-known websites on the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube, employ JavaScript to build interactive web pages and dynamically display content to visitors.

Despite being largely a front-end language for web browsers, JavaScript may also be used on the server side using Node.js to create scalable network applications. Linux, SunOS, Mac OS X, and Windows all support Node.js.

Because of its flexibility of syntax and compatibility with all major browsers, JavaScript is one of the simplest programming languages for novices to learn.

2. Swift

If you’re interested in Apple products and mobile app development, Swift is a nice place to start. Apple first revealed Swift, a relatively new programming language used to create iOS and macOS applications, in 2014.

To match the demands of contemporary iOS development, Swift has been created from the ground up with performance optimization in mind.

In addition to being the default operating system for every iPhone and iPad, iOS also acts as the starting point for additional operating systems including watchOS (for Apple Watches) and tvOS (for televisions) (for Apple TVs). Additionally, iOS apps continue to be the most lucrative in the mobile app market, and Apple is still the market leader in the technology sector.

3. Scala

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

If you are familiar with Java, a new variant of the ancient programming language Java, you ought to investigate Scala. The best features of Java, such as its object-oriented structure and blazingly fast JVM runtime environment, are combined with a modern twist in Scala.

With Scala, a functional programming language, developers may make their code more akin to pure mathematics. Scala allows concurrent programming, enabling the parallel execution of intricate processes. Additionally, it has strong typed language.

Engineers have peace of mind knowing that vast swaths of errors are impossible to identify at runtime since they can design and configure their own data types.

4. Go

Go is one of Google’s core languages and is known as the “little language that might.” Engineers who want to learn system programming should use the low-level language Go. It shares many characteristics with C and C++ but lacks their challenging syntax and steep learning curve. It’s perfect for building data pipelines, web servers, and even machine learning software.

As a compiled language, Go executes extremely quickly because it runs “near to the metal.” Ambitious developers can see their unique contributions used and appreciated by programmers all over the world because it is an open-source language.

5. Python

The most user-friendly programming language on this list may be Python. Python is a popular option for novices because, like Java, its syntax is frequently characterised as being straightforward, understandable, and even English-like.

When choosing the finest programming language for your purposes, Python is a versatile and strong alternative to Java because of its extensive range of applications.

The well-known, easy-to-learn, and feature-rich open-source Django framework, built in Python, is a good choice if you’re interested in back-end web development. Popular websites like Mozilla, Instagram, and Spotify were built using Django.

Additionally, Python has packages like NumPy and SciPy that are frequently used in engineering, mathematics, and scientific computing. Among the Python libraries used to develop data science, machine learning, image processing, and computer vision applications are TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and OpenCV. Python is a great option for academics because of its applications in research and data.

6. Elm

One of the newest languages on our list, React was born from a Harvard student’s thesis and has since evolved to become a source of inspiration for front-end developers everywhere.

Elm is the best choice for building UIs that run quickly and flawlessly because it compiles to JavaScript. Elm is a functional programming language that frees programmers from using HTML and CSS’ declarative features to design client-side interfaces.

Redux, the state-management framework taught at Fullstack, also had its intellectual base in the Elm web architecture.

7. Ruby

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Another well-liked scripting language for web development is Ruby. The well-known Ruby on Rails web application framework is built on top of it.

Because it has a reputation for having one of the friendliest and most helpful user groups, Ruby is well-liked by newcomers.

The Ruby community even has an unofficial phrase that encourages members to model Yukihiro Matsumoto’s gentle and thoughtful behaviour: “Matz is nice, therefore we are nice.”

Due to its association with top IT businesses, vibrant community, and straightforward syntax, Ruby is a wonderful language to learn. Ruby on Rails has been utilised by a number of firms, including Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Shopify, and many others, to build their websites.

8. C#

Similar to C++, the general-purpose, object-oriented language C# is based on the C programming language. Its name is pronounced “C Sharp.” It was produced by Microsoft as a component of its Windows application development framework,.NET.

If you’re coming from another language in the C family, such C++, Csyntax #’s is similar to that of other C-derived languages.

The preferred language for creating Microsoft apps is C#, although mobile app developers also utilise it to build cross-platform apps on the Xamarin platform.

Anyone interested in developing for virtual reality should also think about learning C#. The popular Unity game engine, which powers one-third of the top titles on the market, is suggested for use while developing 3D and 2D video games.

9. Rust

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Best programming language for freelancing 2022

Compared to the other languages on our list, Rust is very new, but that doesn’t make it any less useful to learn.

Rust is the most popular programming language among developers for the fifth year in a row, according to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, with 86.1 percent of Rust developers planning to continue using it.

Similar to C and C++, Mozilla Corporation’s Rust is primarily designed for low-level system programming. Rust brings a focus on speed and security to the table. By forbidding programmes from accessing memory locations they shouldn’t, which can cause unexpected behaviour and system crashes. Rust places an emphasis on “safe programming.”

Rust’s advantages have led other significant digital firms, like Dropbox and Coursera, to start utilising it internally. Rust programming knowledge is anticipated to be highly valuable in the future as the language’s popularity rises, even though it may be more challenging to master than other introductory languages.

10. Kotlin

For developers who need to brush up on their skills or who wish to relocate abroad. Then taking the time to learn Kotlin is an excellent and beneficial move you can do right away. The Kotlin scripting language is something you should think about learning if you perform a lot of freelancing work.

It has quickly risen to prominence among developers as one of the most versatile programming languages because to its open-source status. It works with devices running iOS and Android. It allows for smooth platform integration between the two.

Younger engineers are fast adopting Kotlin, a business-oriented programming language. Making things interactive in Kotlin is now easy thanks to the advent of plugins. Plugins allow programmers to increase the functionality of Java libraries that already exist. Getting started in Kotlin has never been simpler because to the abundance of free plugins available.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which Programming Language Is Best for Freelancers?

Your level of experience and the kind of project you wish to work on will determine the best programming language for your freelancing business. If you’re just starting out, Python or Java may be ideal places to start.

If you wish to work on web-based projects, PHP or Ruby might be a better fit.

And C++ may be the ideal option if you wish to work on complicated projects.

The best language you are most comfortable with will help you locate the kind of freelancing work you engage in.

Is programming appropriate for freelancing work?

Yes, knowing how to programme is useful for freelancing work. You will have several work prospects because it is a skill that can be used in a variety of businesses.

Furthermore, the future of programming languages is reasonably secure, so you can be sure that your knowledge won’t become obsolete any time soon.

A good option for a freelance career that offers stability and long-term potential is programming.

What programming language is the most lucrative?

Because it depends on a number of variables, including the language you are fluent in and the kind of project you are working on, there is no clear answer to this question.

Some languages, however, are more lucrative than others. For instance, C++ is a potent programming language that is employed in numerous industries, thus independent contractors with this skill might demand a higher salary.

However, SQL commands a premium price because it is a requirement for anyone dealing with databases.

Finally, building a solid skill set in an adaptable, in-demand language is the best strategy to increase your freelancing income.

By developing the Best Email Marketing Campaigns for your clients, you may also enhance your freelance career.

How much time does it take to learn to code?

That depends on how much experience you have and the language you are trying to learn. Some languages, like Python, have an easy learning curve and are quick to pick up.

Other languages, like C++, can be more challenging to learn and take longer to master.

Last but not least, how long it takes you to learn to code depends on your commitment and capacity to put up the necessary effort.


It can be difficult to decide which programming language is appropriate for independent work. You may, however, limit your choices and decide on the ideal language for yourself by taking into account your level of expertise and the kind of project you want to work on.

If you have a solid skill set in a language that is in high demand, you can be sure that you will be able to locate a lot of job possibilities and charge a competitive rate for your services.

You will learn all you need to know about coding, from the fundamentals to the more complex ideas, in a Bootcamps Coding Programming Class.

You’ll graduate equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to start a lucrative programming career.

Thank you!


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