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10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

Is it possible to conduct affiliate marketing without revealing your identity?


There are many effective ways to engage in affiliate marketing and generate income online, even if you don’t want to put your face out there.

Actually, the majority of affiliate marketing strategies don’t absolutely need your visibility.

Through affiliate marketing, you can make money without revealing your identity.

When I originally started my online business in 2019, I didn’t want to be seen.

I was able to earn some money while keeping my identity a secret, despite the fact that the information on the internet wasn’t the best

I’ve listed 10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face in this article.

But first, let’s define “affiliate marketing.”

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the first and most well-known method for making money online. The fact that you may use it in conjunction with virtually all of the other strategies in this book makes it the most crucial strategy for making money online.

Through affiliate marketing, you can make money by reselling other people’s goods or services on your website, social network profile, YouTube channel, and other websites.

Let’s take an example.

You choose the ideal product to advertise:

Understanding and learning how to choose the ideal product or service to advertise is crucial because, very simply, if you choose the right product, you will be able to earn much more money with the same amount of time and work.

Let’s use an example where you are offering a service that costs $200 and your commission is 60%.

You advertised this service and were successful in generating about 50 sales each month.

Simple calculations:

50$ * (200*0.6) = 6000$ per month. Nice!

50$ * (200*0.6) = 6000$ per month. Nice!

Additionally, your advertising expenses total $3,000 when running paid advertisements. Next, you gain.

3000$ every Month.

Per Year: 3000$ * 12 month = 40000 $

Great! However, in this instance, you will need to advertise and pay for promotion each month.

NOW, let’s change the circumstance once again!

We decided to buy something for $200. Your commission is only 40%, not 60%, as stated.

The product you choose, however, offers recurring commissions, so you will receive 40% every month without having to advertise the product again.

Let’s imagine you advertised this service and managed to close 50 sales in a single month.

Simple calculations:

For 50 sales per month:

50$ * (200*0.4) = 4000$ / First month

If your advertising expenses are $3,000, your first month’s earnings are merely $1,000.

Then, without any further effort or advertisement, 4000 dollars for the following months (It’s recurring!) Have You Got It?

Thus, you will receive $4,000 in the next months without having to pay anything!

1000$ Plus (4000$ * 11) = 45000$ per year with considerably less work and time!

Which scenario do you go with??

10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

1. Make use of Pinterest

The easiest way for a beginner to start with affiliate marketing may be this.

You can make money CONSTANTLY for a long time with Pinterest since it is the ONLY social media site that operates more like a search engine.

Let me clarify…

Your pins will continue to generate clicks for at least 6 to 12 months. It means that even if you don’t spend a lot of time on the site, you may still create purchases if you include affiliate offers on your pins.

You probably want to know how many clicks a single pin can produce in a month.

I got the following amount of traffic from only one pin in a single month:

10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

This pin garnered 184,970 impressions, 101 saves, and 2,150 clicks, as you can see above.

I definitely suggest using Pinterest when you initially begin your affiliate marketing adventure.

You can make up to $1,000 per month utilising solely Pinterest without making any financial investments.

Here is a detailed guide on getting started with affiliate marketing on Pinterest if you are new to the field.

In the guide, you will discover how to locate and DIRECTLY add affiliate links to your pins. Additionally, you’ll discover how to generate hundreds of clicks on your pins, which will guarantee that you generate at least a few sales each week.

2. Create an affiliate website or a blog.

One of the best methods to earn money with affiliate marketing while being anonymous is to create a blog or website.

You may create a method to generate a full-time income with a blog in less than two years.

As I previously mentioned, you can make $1,000 per month using solely Pinterest. However, if you employ the proper blogging technique, you can make between $5,000 and $10,000 each month from your site.

For instance, you’re reading this article to find out more about how to work as an anonymous affiliate marketer, right?

Now, you’ll buy it if I can suggest a good or service to make your life easier, aren’t you right? I’ll also receive a commission.

I will now get a commission if someone visits and reads this article and also buys something.

The problem is, this blog article will continue to drive visitors for years to come, allowing me to continue earning commission without doing any effort.


The best part about using a blog or website for affiliate marketing is that you can convert it into a money-making machine that will enable you to support yourself full-time for as little as $2.95 per month (the price of one day’s worth of coffee).

3. Make use of email marketing

You can communicate directly with potential customers using an email marketing approach by sending them informative and promotional information.

When establishing an email-based affiliate marketing firm, there is no need to be seen because what matters most is developing a solid rapport with your subscribers.

A website or blog is no longer required in order to gather emails. You can get free landing pages to help you create your email list with over 3000 leads if you utilise email marketing tools like

If you don’t understand what a landing page is, consider the following:

Example of a landing page

As you can see, a landing page is a distinct web page that enables visitors to do activities like signing up for an email list or making a purchase.

Pro Tip: To encourage potential customers to make a purchase, place a few affiliate links on your landing page. As an alternative, you can point them toward one of your affiliate pages once they’ve joined your email list.

4. Make Use Of An Ebook

An very efficient technique to engage in affiliate marketing without disclosing your identity is by using an ebook to promote your affiliate links.

Few people use this tactic since they are not aware of the effectiveness of an ebook.

You can embed affiliate links in an ebook, which will allow you to get paid anytime someone makes a purchase through your link.

Making an ebook is quite simple. If you use Canva, creating your free booklet will be simple.

Here is a comprehensive guide to creating an ebook with Canva:

Once your ebook is finished, you can use to build a landing page to gather email addresses and share your free ebook.

If you employ this technique, you will be able to:

  • Gather additional email addresses since people will be eager to exchange them for an ebook.
  • By encouraging readers of your ebook to click on the links you’ve put in it, you can increase your sales.
  • Create a sizable list so you can send out marketing materials in the future, boosting your chances of closing additional transactions.
  • Create a structure that ensures PASSIVE income for you by making your ebook accessible online through sites like Amazon Kindle or Scribd.

To increase awareness, you can now list your books on websites that offer free ebook downloads, including Open Library or Overdrive.

It’s crucial to realize that you don’t need to write a big ebook to make sales.

20–30 page short ebooks will do to get you going.

5. Making Use of Paid Ads

The best strategy to promote your affiliate links and make purchases and commissions is through paid marketing.

If you have money to invest, paid adverts may be a wonderful location to begin your affiliate marketing adventure.


You must realise that paid advertisements are not always profitable, and that you risk losing a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This is because you won’t have any other means to get in touch with consumers when they view your adverts and click on your offers.

To guarantee that you are at least receiving genuine emails from people who are interested in your offerings, you should always employ paid adverts in conjunction with a landing page.

Here is a guide from Innovation Visual that will teach you all you need to know about paid adverts if you’ve never used them before.

6. Make Use of Social Media

Why not put your time to use and make money if you enjoy spending it on social media platforms?

Starting your affiliate offers on a few different social media platforms with active audiences can be beneficial.

A great technique to draw in new clients is by including your affiliate links in your social media posts. The best part is that you can participate without even revealing your face.

Simply said, you need to produce promotional content that piques people’s curiosity.

Social media may now be used to increase traffic to your landing page, where you can gather email addresses and point them to your affiliate offers.

7. Make use of video platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

You’re probably startled because you’re unsure of how, if you use a video platform, you can conduct affiliate marketing secretly.

There are various ways to create videos for YouTube or TikTok without revealing your face.

If you utilise YouTube, you can immediately put your affiliate links in the descriptions of your videos and let your visitors know that you’ve done so.

The ideal method is to include the URL to your landing page description in your profile as TikTok does not permit you to add links to your videos.

The following list of 10 tried-and-true tactics can help you get started if you’ve always wanted to launch your own TikTok channel but haven’t had the chance.

8. Make Use Of A Sales Funnel

10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

10 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

A sales funnel is a process that leads potential consumers through clear and detailed processes so they may complete a transaction.

Here’s an example of a straightforward sales funnel:


They let you inform and persuade potential customers about the product you are promoting. Sales funnels are incredibly powerful.

You can easily build sales funnels on and start making money with your affiliate links.

9. Choosing Products That Do Not Require Face To Face Explanation

Both the products you select and the market segment you select are crucial. Some items demand direct communication with clients. The lack of it keeps sales low. As a result, the product you select will affect the affiliate marketing strategy you use.

Pick products that don’t require person to person explanations. Examine the goods you have to promote in your specialised market. Concentrate your affiliate marketing efforts on people who can stand alone and don’t need much explanation. Your decision will spare you the time you would have needed to explain in person.

Here are the top 10 Affiliate programs that do not require face to face iteration

10. Use Solo Ads Advertisement from Udemi

What exactly is a solo advertisement?

Solo ads are emails that you buy from other owners of email lists. Since they are often sent in separate emails, your promotion is the main topic of the entire communication. Solo advertisements can be utilised by other companies, but affiliates and information marketers tend to prefer them.

The following is how solo ads work:

  • You look up a list of solo ads or look for a solo ad seller you’re interested in.
  • You can either get in touch with the owner or buy access to the list on their website.
  • You can make a purchase based on the number of subscribers your email message will reach or the number of hits it will get.

These subscribers will click, and if everything goes as planned, those clicks will convert nicely. Ultimately, solo ad conversions will be less expensive than those from other forms of advertising.


These are the top 10 covert methods for performing affiliate marketing without being seen.

There are methods for conducting affiliate marketing without anyone even knowing who you are. The top item on the list is starting a website or blog. These will make it easier for customers and potential employers to search for and find your services. The website helps you avoid spending time describing the thing you are marketing. Customers can easily access your products whenever they want to seek for them.

Affiliate marketing will benefit from your involvement in the media sector. As you deal with other issues, you will need to pay for the services of advertising your goods. You are not needed to be present when advertising in the media. You tell them the specifics and leave the rest up to them.

You must consider the kinds of things you wish to advertise when choosing your products for affiliate marketing. Select goods that don’t require much time. It is straightforward to advertise in a suitable niche. Utilize the social media platforms to attract a large number of clients.

Affiliate marketing also benefits friends and family. By simply informing one or two people by phone calls and text messages, you can get the word out to others. Make a recording of your services and distribute it to people. You can promote your stuff online without letting anyone see your face. There are many ways to engage in affiliate marketing without being seen. You just need to be aware of the essential ones that will aid you.

Even if Pinterest is the quickest method to get started, I strongly suggest using a landing page to gather email addresses.


You can create a blog, which is my opinion the best side business anyone can start to make a full-time income, if you want to earn money online full-time.

However, everything is up to you and what you want to accomplish.

So, here are some sites that can help you if you want to earn money online without having to reveal your identity:

Please spread the word if you find this article helpful; it will help me get more exposure.

See you next time!


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