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20 Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources:( from $0.001/Click)

Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

Here are the top 20 Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources In 2022 (from $0.001/Click) to consider if you wish to execute a good advertising campaign. I don’t know about you, but acquiring cheap website traffic that converts well is my obsession.

I mean, I do run ad campaigns on platforms like Outbrain, Twitter, and Pinterest with CPCs that are far higher than the one at the top of this article, but they’re all wonderful and giving me a solid return on investment, so I included them in this list as well.

But once in a while, I like to launch a campaign and advertise it with $0.001–$0.05 clicks to see if I can make an offer convert with that kind of paid website traffic.

I feel quite happy when I realise that I can still make money without spending a fortune on clicks or lots of time on SEO.

Finding high-quality and reasonably priced internet traffic was my main concern when I initially began, and I repeatedly failed at it still I go it.

I might have had a brilliant logo, fantastic copywriting, and a fantastic landing page, but none of that mattered because there was no high-quality traffic to my websites.

I examined a few scams firms that promised to bring me reliable traffic (and never did). As a result, I suffered a lot of burns before learning how to effectively use SEO to build legitimate online businesses, or at the very least, how to do so.

But before we go any further, you should think about getting your website ready to send traffic because doing so will make using some of these low-cost website traffic providers to execute traffic campaigns much simpler.

It’s advisable to have your own website or landing page to which you may drive traffic before directing them to your offers because some of them might not let you linking directly to one.

Additionally, this improves conversions, further reducing your traffic expense.

Why is Low-Cost Traffic Important?

1. You don’t have a lot of money (probably you’re just starting out).

If you’re reading this, you must be interested in increasing website traffic or affiliate marketing. There are numerous methods for doing it, both free and paid.

But what if you lack the knowledge or the patience to wait for SEO to work?

Your second option is to pay for website traffic, and while many ad networks and websites exist that promise to bring you high-quality traffic for a cheap price, very few of them actually follow through on their claims.

2. There Isn’t Any Time To Wait For SEO

You should think about paying for website traffic if waiting for SEO isn’t your thing and all other free traffic sources (such as social media, forum posting, YouTube marketing, etc.) have failed you.

Yes, if you use good SEO techniques, it won’t always convert as well as a visitor who comes from Google, but it can still be effective, and you’ll be able to at least test your website or offer before beginning to use comprehensive SEO techniques.

Nearly majority of the inexpensive internet traffic suppliers listed below will start sending you traffic within 24 hours after you submit your campaign (you will have to wait for your advertisements to be reviewed, so it will take a little longer).

Isn’t it true that all cheap website traffic is bad?

Both yes and no…

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested many paid advertising networks, and the majority of them were a waste of money. However, there were a few low-cost website traffic sources that I discovered to have solid traffic and a low CPC (cost per click) that worked for me and assisted me in generating leads and sales.

In light of this, I figured you guys might be interesting in knowing about some of my low-cost website traffic sources. As a result, if you’re looking for low-cost ways to promote affiliate offers or your own websites, you should have a look at the sources listed below.


Traffic generated by bots

Bot traffic should always be avoided.

Here are a few ideas to prevent paying for bad traffic:

  • In general, stay away from websites that offer to bring you 100,000 visitors for $10.
  • The traffic you purchase from Fiverr gigs is nearly always fake bot traffic; avoid doing so.
  • It is unnecessary to pay for an email blasting service. (Each month, you spend $100 sending hundreds of spam emails.)
  • Always examine customer reviews of the product or business you plan to buy traffic from.
  • Websites that offer PTC and traffic exchange should be avoided.

You should adhere to these recommendations if you want to lower your chance of purchasing subpar or fraudulent traffic.

The objective is to track everything and ban the bad websites/ids/keywords that don’t convert because even reputable traffic sources can send out poor traffic (which you’ll learn about in a bit).

Let’s look at some of my favourite websites that provide high-quality, inexpensive website traffic since they will still be in popular in 2022.

20 Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

  1. Push House
Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

For your adult and mainstream offers, Push House is a well-known self-serve push notification ad network with a range of hot traffic sources.

Push House has more than 525 million active subscribers and 14 billion daily impressions, giving you everything you need for success.

With the help of our RTB platform, you can place real-time bids for traffic and watch as your dashboard metrics change.

In order to compete for a share of the 31 million daily clicks on the ad network, advertisers can bid on traffic from more than 180 different nations.

The distinctiveness of users and the high calibre of traffic are two of Push House’s biggest benefits. We’ll look at how the ad network treats this in a different way in a moment, and how to use it to your advantage for the greatest outcomes.

Additionally, Push House offers some cutting-edge targeting capabilities that enable you to employ precision targeting in your campaigns and locate the feeds that work best for your products.

When everything is combined, you have a supercharged Push advertising platform that essentially has a money-printing permit.

One of my pushhouse campaigns, which targeted the US, CA, UK, AU, and Singapore, managed to average a CPC of $0.002.

About Push House:

  • Company Name: Push House
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Countries Allowed: Worldwide
  • Minimum Deposite: $50
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Web Money, ePayments, Bitcoin, VIS/Master Card, QIWI, Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvCash
  • The minimum CPC is 0.001 $ per click
  1. Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)
Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

You can receive a $100 advertising bonus if you spend $25 on Microsoft Advertising. Please complete the form below to receive this offer. Please sign up using my link.

Microsoft Advertising has since replaced Bing Ads.

I don’t know why that happened, but given that Microsoft controls Bing among other services and websites, I suppose the change to Microsoft Advertising was made to provide marketers additional choices.

Bing has its own advertising infrastructure, known as Microsoft Advertising, for its search engine listings, just like Google and Google Ads do. Right now, you can open an account.

They won’t be able to send you thousands of clicks per day for every industry as Google can, but they can still send you some excellent numbers, especially if you decide to run your advertising on their search partners like Yahoo and AOL as well.

The most widely used operating system in the world is still Windows, and it includes Internet Explorer as its default browser (or the most recent version, Edge).

Additionally, they have their own MSN and Bing Search already set up as the default site and search engine. Therefore, if you’re concerned that nobody utilises Bing search, think again.

Targeting the US, CA, UK, AU, and Singapore in one of my BingAds campaigns resulted in an average CPC of $0.04.

Depending on the different categories, the average cost per click (CPC) may range from $0.05 to $1.

However, if you’re fortunate, you might get rich and just spend $0.01 to $0.03 per click. These days, it’s a little trickier, but still doable.

So, if you want to generate clicks for as little as $0.01, you should do the following:

  • Instead of the United States, other nations ought to be targeted (think about Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, France, Spain, etc..)
  • Create a landing page that is great and has a high quality score. Aim for at least an 8/10 quality rating. This assists in lowering your CPC.
  • Look at the keywords and ads that your rivals are using on SemRush, then copy them all.
  • Run split tests on various advertisements and try out different ad titles and text descriptions.
  • To find more keywords for your campaign, you may also use Neil Patel’s Ahrefs and Ubersuggest tools.
  • You will receive $100 in Microsoft Ad Credit when you spend $25. You can only access this exclusive offer by clicking on my affiliate link.

You should keep in mind that this isn’t an exact science and that your results may vary, but in general, if you follow some of these steps, you should be able to lower your CPC to a respectable level. It might not be exactly $0.01 per click, but something in the region of $0.03 to $0.06 would work.

Due to its high-quality ad network, negligible (if any) poor traffic, and affordable CPC price, BingAds is ranked first.

My oddest Bing Ads performance was one sale from only two hits (I paid $0.10 for two clicks and ultimately sold a product for $40, which was quite poor), but I performed my setup correctly and chose to target France rather than the US, where there isn’t much competition.

Disclaimer: While it was a ridiculous occurrence and I cannot promise that you will get the same results, it did occur, and my point is that Bing Ads are an excellent, low-cost source of website traffic even if you don’t achieve the same outcomes as mine.

Of course, I was fortunate to get one transaction from two sponsored clicks, but it only serves to demonstrate that Bing Ads may occasionally compete well with Google Ads and that their paid website traffic also performs exceptionally well.

Additional information on Bing Ads:

  • Bing Ads does not need a minimum deposit; but, you can prepay your account with, say, $50 and pay the balance in full after 30 days.
  • Minimum CPC: $0.01
  • You can get a $100 deposit bonus when you spend $25 on BingAds if you sign up through my link.

3. RevContent

RevContent is a native advertising network, With RevContent you may have your adverts displayed on some of the most popular websites in the world, like, PCWorld, Newsweek, Metro, Inquisitr,, etc.

On RevContent, you can purchase website traffic for as little as $0.01 per click or for as much as $0.10 to $0.30 CPC. Everything relies on the targeting you are using, including GEO, placements, categories, devices, etc.

I tested a mobile campaign in Europe and was successful in obtaining a CPC of $0.02.

Even though I had to end the 1-day test campaign because it wasn’t producing enough conversions, both the cost and the number of website visits were satisfactory.

As you can see, RevContent offers a lot of affordable website traffic; nevertheless, the amount you receive will depend on your target country, device, category, and website placements, among other factors.

Note: If you target the US, Revcontent has a bit of a bot traffic problem. To maximise their revenue, many publishers use some kind of software to automate ad clicks.

Of course, this is awful, and if you’re not careful, it might eat up a sizable portion of your money. Use reliable tracking software, such as RedTrack, to ensure that your tracking is done properly.

Track where the clicks are coming from in terms of widgets and websites, and stop them right away if you suspect bot traffic, like in the case of 100% bounce rates or visits lasting under a second.

Yes, it’s terrible, and I have no idea when Revcontent will repair it and get rid of all the awful publishers. Since I’ve been testing this platform, it’s been like this for around two years.

However, Revcontent is actually a terrific approach to generate cheap website traffic that converts once you establish a list of poor website IDs or a whitelist (a list that only has the good IDs that you want to target).

Revcontent Additional Information:

• $100 is the minimum deposit.

• $0.03 is the suggested minimum CPC (depending on the device and country targeted)

4. Google Ads

Yes, Google Ads made the list of inexpensive ways to drive visitors to websites. I realise you’re astonished. Why are Google Ads on this list when there are thousands of articles, videos, and forum postings discussing how expensive they are?

Well, to start, while they undoubtedly have $1+ CPCs for popular keywords and more importantly for different industries and nations like the U.S., there are some ways that you can use Google Ads traffic for a much lower cost.

Did you know that while you can advertise on Google Ads, you don’t necessarily have to do so on their search engine, where clickthrough rates are lower due to more competition?

What if I told you that you could theoretically obtain CPCs from Google Ads for as little as $0.01 (but more likely $0.05)?

You observe… Advertisers may design and manage campaigns across a wide range of Google Ads platforms and possibilities.

Yes, their most well-known feature is their search engine listings, where you may bid on keywords and quickly get to the top with your website (or minutes, depending on the ad moderation time and CPC of course).

However, Google Ads also includes a variety of additional platforms and ad types, including Apps, Gmail Ads, YouTube Ads, and Google Display Network.

For instance, you could still run native and banner advertisements at the minimal CPC of $0.01 on the vast Google Display Network today.

We’re dealing about different inventory, ad formats, and the quality of paid website traffic here, so it’s true that their minimum CPCs of $0.01 are not the same as $0.001 or even $0.0001 CPCs or CPVs.

Therefore, if you think outside the box and are prepared to try a lot, you may theoretically earn CPCs from Google Ads as low as $0.01. And I’ve actually done it a couple times. To make your campaigns more effective, look at my Google Ads Tips.

As you can undoubtedly tell by this point, some people might be concerned that their budget is too little to execute Google Ads.

The truth is that anyone can truly start, and maybe even see some benefits, with just a $50 budget.

Google describes how, on average, every company that spends $1 on Google Ads advertising recovers $8 in profit on their Methodology page.

That’s a really strong claim to make, and to be completely honest, I can’t even dispute with it because I’ve personally experienced some incredible outcomes, like the one I mentioned regarding Microsoft Advertising. Just more frequently, not just “that one lucky time.”

Testing frequently, having excellent landing pages and services or items to market, and not being afraid to think outside the box are the keys.

Consider nations like Kazakhstan, Romania, Ecuador, etc. instead of just the US, Canada, or other large nations of that nature.

These users from those nations shop extensively online and spend money.

The majority of the sales I’ve made through Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising were from nations with less extensive advertising.

I was able to spend significantly less than I would typically pay for a click from the US thanks to this, and the volume is also excellent for scaling up.

So why choose Google Ads rather than, say, Microsoft Advertising? You can utilise both, in fact, even simultaneously, but let me simply say SCALABILITY in response to your query.

Running ads on Google Ads offers you the most potential for scalability.

Sure, Microsoft Advertising is effective and profitable, but Google Ads offer the same benefits with the added advantage of having more volume and inventory.

With Microsoft Advertising, I frequently found myself unable to adequately scale my campaigns.

This is due to the fact that not many people use the Bing search engine outside of the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Japan. So, good luck if you want to target users in other nations.

The market for search engines is still dominated by Google, and thanks to their AdSense programme, they also control the market for display adverts.

Do you want to know how many websites there are that utilise AdSense to monetize their site?

In 2022, there are more than 39,000,000 websites using AdSense. That’s an incredible amount, and I’m certain that their publisher base is expanding daily.

Here are a few strategies for using Google Ads to generate cheap website traffic:

• Consider using YouTube Ads (CPC may be quite affordable on YouTube with minimal bids of $0.01-$0.05).

• Gmail Ads

• Examine native and banner ads

• Begin with a small budget.

• Avdertise in nations other than the United States (and typically receive a lower CPC)

• You should experiment with search engine ads as well, but do it wisely and within your comfort range.

• To increase CTR, optimise and do A/B testing on all of your advertisements.

• Have a top-notch landing page (and get a high landing page score, this will help you get a lower CPC)

• Continue to keep an eye on your campaigns to see how they’re doing.

• Use negative keywords and avoid overly broad terms.

• Make manual

Some affiliate marketers will chastise Google for not allowing them to use Google Ads because affiliate marketing is not permitted on Google’s network.

Let me tell you that’s completely untrue.

Google disapproves of you advertising dubious deals and goods, linking directly to the affiliate website, providing no value at all for the user, or acting as a “bridge” between the user and the affiliate deal via your website.

Therefore, I advise thoroughly studying their stated guidelines before doing any affiliate marketing with Google Ads.

Google Ads minimum budget: ZERO. That’s correct; there is no initial deposit required. Instead, you will pay at the end of the month, when you may have already earned enough sales to cover your expenses.

Google Ads minimum CPC: $0.01, but getting clicks this cheap requires creativity (see my tips from above).

Google Ads payment methods: Depending on the country listed in your profile, you can choose between manual, automatic, and monthly invoicing for Google Ads payments. A bank account or credit/debit card can be used for everything.

Or you could simply go to Microsoft Advertising Network and register for an account to receive a $100 bonus ad credit to enjoy even more affordable clicks through my partner link.

5. Reddit

A significant social networking platform is Reddit (currently the 25th most visited website in the world and 6th social network).

But before you celebrate too much, you should be aware that Reddit is one of the most “Brutal” social networks out there.

How come?

Well, the users, also known as “Redditors,” are a little too much for some individuals to take; they can render your Reddit marketing effort useless if they are trolling, judgmental, rude, or brutally honest about you or your service.

Of course, not all Redditors are like that; in fact, the majority of them are kind.

However, you should always be cautious when attempting to advertise your website because people can quickly smell BS and the entire campaign could backfire if they start leaving you unfavourable comments.

Therefore, it’s usually preferable to advertise something worthwhile and beneficial to the subreddit you selected.

Okay, I apologise for scaring you.

Let’s examine the positives first:

With more than 330 million average monthly active users and more than 140k active communities, Reddit is the third most popular website in the US (also known as subreddits).

Reddit is a fantastic place to meet people who share your interests and have excellent, fruitful conversations.

Reddit traffic benefits from the fact that the majority of its users are extremely interested and well-targeted across all themes.

For instance, you may join subreddits like r/Entrepreneur or r/DigitalMarketing if you want to chat with business owners and other internet marketers.

You may also gain free traffic from Reddit, but you must first develop your profile by adding helpful instructions, articles, and other content. This is because most subreddits require a certain karma score before you can post links.

Reddit Ads are the second best option because they are inexpensive and not many marketers use them. This is strange given the low cost of their highly targeted internet visitors.

Simply go to Reddit Ads, log in if you already have a Reddit account or register if you don’t, and then click on “Create a Campaign.” From there, the rest of the process should be fairly self-explanatory.

I would only have to pay between $0.5 to $1 CPM to advertise a NetHustler article on a US-based subreddit devoted to internet marketing (cost per 1000 impressions).

After that, you must wait up to 24 hours for your promotion to go live because your campaign must first be reviewed and approved.

Reddit is a fantastic way to get high-quality, low-cost website traffic, but you need to be careful about what you’re advertising because, as I mentioned earlier, Reddit users can smell through the BS and will let you and other redditors know if something you’re posting is shady or appears to be a scam.

Reddit Ads Extra Info:

•The bare minimum deposit was $5, last I looked.

• $0.50 for the lowest CPM


Another content ad recommendation network where you can purchase native advertisements that show up on some of the most popular websites on the internet is called “”

Similar to Revcontent, offers a significant amount of traffic that can be purchased for pennies.

There is a catch, though: Depending on the kind of website or landing page you’re marketing, will give you a different price range for your campaign.

As you can see, your CPC bid will vary depending on the kind of material you wish to market.

Therefore, you can utilise the Noncommercial content type in to construct a campaign for a blog piece or a how-to guide, that doesn’t really advertise a product or service inside the article and generate clicks for as little as $0.01 on mobile and a minimum of $0.05 on desktop.

You are allowed to surround your article with banners, but you cannot include any advertisements inside the text. (Adsense advertising etc. are acceptable).

Now, based on what you’re advertising, you must select the “Advertorials or Advertisements” content type whether you want to advertise an affiliate product, your own service, or if you want to develop an email list and gather subscribers via a squeeze page.

Advertising these is undoubtedly more expensive; on mobile, you must spend at least $0.06 per click, and on desktop, you may pay as much as $0.30.

Additionally, bear in mind that with these native ad networks (, revcontent, etc.), a high CTR (click-through rate) on your advertising is required in order to receive a cheaper CPC.

The CPC will decrease the greater the CTR. To locate the ones that work the best, you must test a lot of ad names and graphics.

Note: Remarkably cheap clicks at a $0.01 CPC are available if you target non-commercial, mobile-only, and nations other than the US.

This low-cost website traffic is excellent and converts well.

With such lists in hand, making money with Content.Ad (and Revcontent) will be much simpler. All you have to do is ban the bad IDs that are bots or don’t convert, or run traffic only on a small number of websites you know converts.

If you employ tracking software, you will obtain all of these IDs and data. Tracking is crucial when purchasing website traffic (any kind of traffic not only

If you don’t track anything, you will spend money on advertisements without understanding what works and what doesn’t, and you won’t do it correctly, which will cost you a lot of time and money.

Purchase a tracking programme like RedTrack (14-day free trial), which will log all the information about your visits so you can determine what converts and what doesn’t.

You will be ahead of the game by following. Extra Info:

• $250 is the minimal deposit.

• The lowest CPC is $0.015 for mobile and $0.05 for desktop.

7. PopAds

You need to pay on a CPM basis when using the pop-under and pop-up traffic source Popads, therefore, for instance, you may pay $5 for 1000 impressions, which works out to be $0.005 per view.

As you can see from one of my campaigns below, you will typically pay significantly less than that.

Users find popunders and popups to be obtrusive, and there is a significant quantity of bot traffic (well not a lot, but a good amount).

Due to the low cost of traffic and the fact that popups and popunders still operate and convert in spite of popular belief, you will need to perform proper tracking once more.

Some individuals even have a 4-5 percent conversion rate (we’ll refer to these individuals as unicorns because they are so uncommon that no one is certain whether they exist or not).

It’s easy to advertise on PopAds; just click here to create an account. You may fund your account with as little as $10 to begin started, so you don’t need a large budget.

You can start creating a campaign once your account is all set up and funded.

QUALITY: Leave it on all websites. You will increase website traffic and accelerate campaign optimization.

Additionally, paying extra usually isn’t worthwhile if all you want are the top 10% of websites.

The highest bid you’re willing to spend for a view must be entered here using the “Smart Bid” option. For instance, if you enter $0.005 here, you will pay $5 for every 1000 impressions.

THROTTLE: Disabled

Only select Adult if you are advertising an adult deal; otherwise, select General.

Disabled website targeting (for now)

If you’re using a tracking programme like RedTrack, you will be able to see the IDs of the websites that are providing you the traffic after your campaign goes live and you receive some visitors to your link.

When you are done configuring everything for the campaign, select the Summary page. From here, you can see how many impressions per day you may expect to get based on your preferences and the bid you selected.

Therefore, you will need to bid a little bit more if you want a greater impression count, but if you have a smaller budget, you can bid less and receive fewer impressions each day.

Once you are satisfied with the summary result after experimenting with the bid and campaign settings, click the Create Campaign button and wait for the evaluation.

To be able to optimise my ads more quickly, I prefer to go big, get more impressions, and raise my bid significantly.

Following the campaign’s approval, you will begin to see traffic to your link. When you reach a sufficient number of visitors (at least 5,000), you may begin optimising your campaign.

You can achieve this by removing the undesirable website IDs, focusing solely on the websites that generate revenue for you, attracting high-quality visitors with low bounce rates, etc.

Therefore, if there is an ID that does not convert, you can go ahead and add the IDs you want to restrict using the “Exclude Websites” option.

You’ve obviously noticed by this point that I’ve discussed RedTrack quite a bit in this essay, and you might be under the impression that I’m doing it all for financial gain.

I simply suggest RedTrack because it’s incredibly user-friendly for novices and far less expensive than the other tracking programmes available.

Voluum and FunnelFlux, which are also excellent monitoring solutions, are a bit more difficult to use and more expensive (all of them start with a basic plan of $99 a month), but I could easily recommend them to you.

However, you are free to choose whatever tracker you like.

I constantly advocating RedTrack since I think it’s great for beginners and is also less expensive (if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t mention it on my blog).

No matter what tracking software you employ, tracking is vital as long as you do it to avoid financial loss and to receive no data in return.

Data is essential for cost- and campaign-saving campaign optimization.

PopAds actually require testing, tracking, and optimization in order to be lucrative and generate high-quality, low-cost website traffic.

It might be difficult at first and cost a few dollars, but it might be worthwhile.

Popads Extra Info:

• $10 is the minimal deposit.

• The lowest CPV (cost per view) is $0.00015 (yes, there are four zeros there, but it depends on the GEO).

• “Sign up with Popads today

8. Facebook Ads

I’ll be honest with you: I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook Ads and don’t really enjoy using Facebook for advertising simply because I believe other sources convert more effectively.

Facebook is a social network, after all, and people use it to watch videos of kittens and occasionally look at images of their friends’ new babies when they’re not in the mood to make purchases or sign up for services.

In the US, obtaining $0.01 worth of clicks from Facebook advertising wasn’t that difficult a few years ago.

Things are different now. Because Facebook has made numerous improvements to its ad platform and because more marketers and advertisers are using the network, getting $0.01 clicks is no longer as simple or prevalent.

but not impossibly…

It’s also crucial what kind of advertisement you choose to create. A boosted post on your Facebook page, for instance, will have a considerably cheaper CPC than an ad for “Website Traffic.”

Because Facebook will clearly prefer its consumers to stay on their website rather than visiting an external one, this is the case. Therefore, hits to your website will almost always cost more than actions like sharing a post or like a page.

Another thing altogether is a video ad. In general, I find it far simpler to get video ad views at merely $0.01 per view (at least for me).

Of course, video advertisements don’t have the same CTR as other types of ads, but the advantage is that you can make that post go viral much more quickly because videos are more interesting than regular ads, and if enough people share it, you will eventually start receiving free visitors.

The target demographic that you create during the ad creation process, in addition to the various ad formats, is crucial in determining whether your CPC will go down or increase.

The CPC will often be significantly cheaper if you use retargeting and have a custom audience depending on the traffic to your website.

As you can see, there are still a few ways to use Facebook ads to drive inexpensive website traffic. Now, I’m not sure if it will convert well for you (for me, it’s hit or miss), and you might have some days with excellent results and some days with less-than-stellar results.

In any case, Facebook Ads is still an excellent platform to test out, and their greatest advantages are the limitless targeting options and the ability to start with just $5.

Facebook Ads Extra Information:

• Minimum Deposit: There isn’t one; you only pay when your account balance reaches the required level.

• Minimum CPC: If you successfully optimise your advertising and are not in a competitive GEO, you can get as low as $0.01

Or, for a significantly higher conversion rate, you can advertise on a search engine where people are currently trying to buy or study products.

Oh, I see. Why not try Microsoft Advertising and receive $100 in additional free advertising credit? Sign up right now.

9. AdMaven

Another great self-service source of inexpensive website traffic that converts is AdMaven. They assert to have a database of more than a billion users from throughout the globe.

Push and Pop-unders are the only two key ad styles they use.

Yes, you read that right. The Pop-under CPV (Cost per view) bid starts at just $0.0002. Of course, you should expect to pay a little more for traffic from prestigious nations like the US, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, their push notification traffic has a click-through rate that starts at $0.003.

This ad network is an excellent source of inexpensive website traffic, and although I didn’t try it for very long, I did test it for arbitrage and managed to get a few conversions with some CPA offers.

Minimum Deposit for AdMaven: $50

AdMaven’s Minimum CPC: for pop-under and push notification traffic is $0.0002 and $0.003, respectively.

Payment Options for AdMaven: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire, and Paxum

Ah, can you perceive the aroma of free bonus ad credits.

Who doesn’t appreciate getting $100 more for a $25 deposit? Am I correct? Why don’t you grab your bonus then” and go

10. PPCMate

Another SSP (self-serve platform) with strong and affordable website traffic is “PPCmate.” They assert to have over 1 billion unique visitors in their database, with 98 percent global coverage. If I may say so, those are some really impressive stats.

Other ad networks and traffic exchanges including Mgid, Airpush, Yahoo, mopub, zeropark, and many others are the main sources of traffic for the network.

They offer a variety of well-liked ad forms, including video advertisements, pop-unders, native and display banners, and push notifications.

Since they get their traffic from such reputable ad networks and partners, I have tested PPCmate for a short while and can attest to the fact that it is real and converts as it should.

Not because they are horrible, but more because I can’t handle so many networks at once, I no longer use them.

Minimum deposit for PPCmate: is $25.

PPCmate payment methos: Pay using PayPal, a credit card, a cryptocurrency, a wire transfer, or Amazon with PPCmate.

PPCmate’s minimun CPC: is $0.001 for RON direct visits, $0.0001 for pop-under traffic, and $0.001 for push traffic.


My list of 10 excellent and affordable website traffic generation tools that you may use to advertise your websites, blogs, affiliate products, collect email addresses, etc.

In spite of the fact that some of them are more difficult to understand than others—such as Facebook ads—they are still worthwhile to try because of the incredible quality of traffic they can generate.

If I didn’t think highly of any of these networks, I wouldn’t have written about them. They are all unique, and of course, the quantity, calibre, and cost of their traffic varies.

As you can probably tell from my information, I tested the most of the networks on this list. I still need to test a few more new networks before I can provide an official assessment, but so far they have done well.

Nearly half of the advertising networks on this list I still use.

My best top ad networks are:

For high conversion in pretty much any category and specialty, use Microsoft Advertising.

When I want to have fun with some “popunder advertising,” I use “popads.

For CPA affiliate marketing, use PropellerAds.

Make careful to track everything, especially when using Revcontent and PopAds. You should also track your campaigns when using Bing and Facebook ads to determine which keywords perform best.

If you ask any competent marketer—and I don’t mean to seem repetitive—they’ll tell you that tracking is one of the most crucial things to do when you pay for visitors.

To set up your campaigns, acquire yourself a tracking programme like RedTrack or FunnelFlux (a little easier to use).

You are welcome to share your preferred source of cheap website traffic in the comments below, along with any associated charges. I’m confident that it will be very beneficial to others. Also, if this article was helpful to you, please like and share it.

But please bear this in mind:

The data you see here is subject to change at any time; networks may raise costs or need a larger down payment, experience spikes in traffic, or abruptly shut accounts.

As a result, I’ll make an effort to update this post once I learn of some of these changes.

Please keep in mind that the outcomes I had with some of these businesses may not be the outcomes you experience.

I invested a lot of time and money into learning how these networks operate and what offers convert the best, so I usually have a good notion of how to at least break even and recoup my investment.

In essence, you can use these companies to generate some great sales as well, but I can’t promise it.

Ok? Why can’t I promise it?

It would be ridiculous of me to promise that you will be able to accomplish it and turn a profit because not even these ad networks can guarantee that you will earn sales or your money back.

This does not imply that if you tried them, you would not be successful. It all depends on the good or service you’re offering, the nation, and your landing page.

So, while it is feasible to earn money with all of these traffic sources, it is not always easy to do so.

However, in general, it’s not that challenging.

You simply need to pick it up from there after learning a few things and spending money on tests.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to respond.


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